Lost on the Road: The Complete Movie Collection
Also known as:

Lost on the Road: The True Creation




Created by:
Directed by: Devin Lanning (Formly)
Creative Directors:
Voices of:
Opening Theme:
Closing Theme:
Country of Origin: Untied States
No. of Seasons:
No. of Episodes:
Executive producers:
Running Time: 5 Mins
Production companies:
Original network: New Grounds
Picture format: HD

Years Active: Coming Soon

The PilotEdit

Lost on the Road had 2 Lost Episodes. One being, "Into the Shadows." And the other is the crossover with The Outsiders.

Note: It takes 2 Years to make Pilot Episodes.


Lost on the Road wasn't shot completely alone. As there were, real people for the deleted scenes and films, for Lost on the Road, as well as, audio tracks.

Post - ProductionEdit

After making a episode, then they check to see if the episode is right. If there's a error it gets fix. Lost on the Road took 4 Years to make.

Note: 22 Days or couple months to complete, for a studio. Such as Nickelodeon of course not including air dates.

Super T on IceEdit

Initial Premiere: 74 Votes/1.94